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Product Code: TCT-80A40

Support equipment size:Support volume 320*205*32 mm maximum tablet. It can provide tablet management and storage, AC or USB charging.

Charge mode:
A built-in device for constant current and constant voltage;
With leakage protection and overload protection.

5V DC charging. Each port 2.0A. With self recognition, automatic overload protection function.

Security against theft:
Closed independent storage area to ensure plate collision avoidance and secure fixation.
Front and rear independent door lock.

Bulkhead:ABS engineering plastics material.
Shake hands:ABS aluminum alloy, mechanical handle.
Trundle:Universal high elastic belt brake rubber wheel.
Intelligent temperature control:Axial flow quiet fan, energy saving and good ventilation, heat dissipation effect with temperature control design, when the temperature in the mobile charging vehicle temperature ≥ 25 ℃ automatically start the cooling fan, in order to achieve the state of constant temperature.
Anticollision:High elastic anti-collision module.
Power line:Standard 3 m, customizable length.
Model design:With circular-arc aluminum alloy backbone material, avoid collision damage, durable products, light weight, dexterity to move. Has antistatic and scratch prevention function.
Guarantee:5 years (2 years for electrical components, 5 years for power modules, 5 years for mechanical components).

Lighting (optional):Automatic infrared LED lighting,open door is bright.
Timing power supply (optional):With microcomputer timing function, the system can be configured to start charging time, the system in the set point of time to start charging function.
Easy access (drawer optional):There are two kinds of specifications, fixed type and drawer type, which are easy to access.